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The Dragon & Tiger Kamurocho
The Dragon & Tiger Kamurocho.jpg
Weapon and armor shop
Kamuro Shopping Area
Yakuza 0

The Dragon & Tiger Kamurocho is one of the locations in Kamurocho. It allows you to get new equipment.

List of equipment

Name Description Type Cost (¥)
9mm Automatic Pistol This is a gun in common circulation among denizens of the underworld. Handguns 500,000
Alertness Hood This hood helps break down alcohol in your body, allowing you to sober up quickly. Protective 880,000
Avarice Shirt It is said that this shirt boosts the wearer's thirst for riches. When money is on the line you can shake down enemies for more cash. Shirts 2,200,000
Bagh Naka This weapon was used for assassinations in Southeast Asia. Hidden blades appear when you clench your fists. Knuckles 920,000
Ballbuster Apparently this doesn't do much damage, but it can really send people flying. 1H Swinging Weapons 900,0000
Baseball Shirt This is a replica Tokyo Gigants uniform. It grants the wearer better throwing ability. Shirts 27,000
Benkei's Amulet This amulet is connected to a collector of weapons who lived long ago. Equipping it may aid you with your equipment searches. Amulets 58,000,000
Berserker Charm This charm is said to increase your Heat when you're in a jam. Amulets 3,800,000
Binding This cloth binding can be wrapped around your waist to protect against minor attacks. Binding 20,000
Brass Knuckles These popular brawling weapons can increase punch damage when wearing them on both fists. Knuckles 5,000
Broken M1985 This is your standard shotgun. Shotguns 1,300,000
Bulletproof Glass Amulet This amulet should prove somewhat useful against bullets. Amulets 250,000
Butterfly Knife This folding knife lacks offensive potential, but is very portable. Knives 5,000
Carbon Nunchaku These light and powerful nunchaku are made of state-of-the-art carbon material. Nunchaku 320,000
Chinese Broadsword This traditional Chinese weapon is lighter than it looks and surprisingly easy to wield. Knives 1,800,000
Comfy Soles These shoes feel great on your feet but you don't notice anything else particularly distinctive about them. Protective 1,500
Dagger This brand-new dagger doesn't have a single notch on it and looks easy to wield. Knives 320,000
Double Action Revolver This genuine revolver was created by a master gunsmith. Handguns 2,400,000
Double Chinese Broadswords These double broadswords are made to be dual wielded. Kali Sticks 2,200,000
Fighter's Binding This binding gets your adrenaline pumping in a fight, and grants resistance to bladed weapons. Binding 1,000,000
Fireproof Shirt This shirt lacks defense, but provides resistance to fire. Shirts 4,000
Fur Belly Warmer It is said the wearer will revert to a wild, feral state. Binding 4,500,000
Goddess of Children Amulet The divine blessing upon this amulet is said to reduce the number of enemies crowding around you. Amulets 1,500,000
Hercules Gloves Opponents have a hard time escaping the wearer's grip. Protective 60,000,000
Hyper Stun Gun This modified stun gun is more powerful than the standard variety. Knives 4,200,000
Insulated Shirt This shirt lacks defense, but provides resistance to electrical shocks. It also raises your financial luck slightly. Shirts 24,000
Iron Hammer This hammer forged from iron can cause a decent amount of damage, but the handle is fragile and prone to breaking. Longswords/Hammers 30,000
Iron Pipe This is an ordinary iron pipe.Its light weight makes it easy to handle, and it still packs a considerable punch. 1H Swinging Weapons 25,000
Jet Black Jacket This jet black jacket is a favorite of professionals, and provides resistance against firearms and stnning. Jackets 2,000,000
Long Lumber This long piece of wood is the type you might find anywhere. Its durability is low, but a hit still causes a fair amount of damage. Poles 2,800
Lumber This is an ordinary piece of wood you might find anywhere. Its durability is low, but a hit can still cause a decent amount of damage. 1H Swinging Weapons 2,000
Manga Magazine This magazine is read by both young and old. It is thick enough to provide some protection when equipped on your torso. Binding 200
Metal Bat You shouldn't swing this thing around too much while walking around town. 2H Swinging Weapons 22,000
Mew Shoes The annoying sound they make when you walk will mean confrontations are more likely. They are also said to give financial luck. Protective 1,800,000
Modified Lighter This lighter works like a handy little flamethrower. Unorthodox 18,000
Modified Model Gun This model gun is a retail version modified for increased firepower. Handguns 30,000
Old Stun Gun This old stun gun seems to be broken, and doesn't discharge electricity. Knives 3,000
Protective Amulet This amulet might be enough to give you peace of mind. Amulets 500
Sacrifice Stone This stone will save you from the brink of death, but it only works once. Decorative 1,600,000
Sakura Storm This famed sword is said to scatter a swirling gust of sakura petals when slashing its victims. Swords 2,000,000
Sarong This waistcloth is commonly used in Southeast Asia. It breathes well, and doesn't hinder your movement at all. Binding 350,000
Secret Stash Binding This binding contains a hidden wallet, allowing you to limit your losses when people try to shake you down. Binding 10,000,000
Secret Wallet This raises your financial luck slightly, and when shaken down you can stash money inside, reducing the amount taken from you. Protective 320,000
Security Wallet This wallet drastically reduces the amount of money lost when you get shaken down. It is also said to give you financial luck. Protective 8,000,000
Slime Gun This gun fires bullets containing a slimy liquid. It has no effect on some more powerful enemies. Shotguns 660,000
Slime Spray You can use this to make enemies slip, although it has no effect on more powerful foes. Unorthodox 7,000
SPARK 15000V Modified high-voltage batteries make it possible to run super high-voltage electricity through these nunchaku. Nunchaku 4,200,000
Spiked Taiko Sticks These taiko sticks have been spiked with nails to deal more damage. Kali Sticks 850,000
Stone of Enduring This stone gives you the strength to endure one critical attack and live on, but it shatters after triggering once. Decorative 300,000
Stun Gun This self-defense tool can stun enemies with electricity discharged from its tip. Knives 280,000
Sunburst This katana glows with a light as bright as the sun rising at dawn. Swords 8,400,000
Superalloy Bat This bat made of superalloy is sturdy enough to protect you against even bullets. 2H Swinging Weapons 8,000,000
Super Spicy Knife The blade of this knife contains bits of chili pepper that deliver a burning sensation to those it stabs. Knives 820,000
Tattered Scarf This scarf is so shabby-looking, enemies will take pity on you, making them less likely to team up against you. Decorative 3,000,000
Tour T-Shirt This shirt could tell a story or two about some legendary live performances. Diving in it may cause collateral damage to others. Shirts 300,000
Tourmaline Bracelet This bracelet is said to have a healing effect when you stand still in combat. Decorative 950,000
Traveler's Amulet This amulet grants extra safety to agents you sent on equipment searches. It may even help them find what they're looking for. Amulets 9,000,000
Wooden Kali Sticks Start off with these basic kali sticks if you want to learn how to use this weapon. Kali Sticks 25,000
Wooden Katana This wooden sword is for kendo practice, but it's more powerful than it looks. Swords 24,000
Wooden Nunchaku These are your typical nunchaku made of wood. Nunchaku 5,000
Wooden Tonfa This wooden tonfa is light and easy to use, but lacks durability. Tonfa 5,000


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