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Ringer Hut
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The place for Nagasaki champon
Showa Street East
Yakuza 0
Yakuza 6

The Ringer Hut is one of the locations in the Yakuza (series).


Name Description Cost (¥)
Deep Fried Chicken Fried chicken made with thigh meat. It's crunchy on the outside and juicy in the middle! Finger-smacking good! 280
Gyoza 5 pcs. Ringer Hut's famous gyoza. The skin has rice flour blended in for amazing crispiness! 250
Light Champon A small serving of champon that is popular with women. Just the thing when you are only a little hungry. 520
Light Saraudon A small plate of udon that hits the spot when you feel like a snack. 420
Nagasaki Champon The flavor of Nagasaki condensed into one dish. The rich soup is made with fresh vegetables and a wealth of other ingredients. 580
Nagasaki Salad Thin, deep-fried noodles topped with dressing and fresh vegetables. 280
Nagasaki Saraudon Extra thin, crispy deep-fried noodles packed with flavor, and topped with vegetables in a thick, silky sauce that melts in your mouth. 600
Spicy Champon Eye-popping champon with homemade spicy miso! 640
Thick Saraudon Soft, thick, flavorsome noodles make for a filling treat. 680
Vegetable Champon This dish features seven different vegetables, and contains double the cabbage, bean sprouts, and onions of our standard champon! 680
Vegetable Saurodon A sister product to the popular Vegetable Champon. Eat it with a dressing of your choice. 680

Food combinations

In Yakuza 6, the following food combinations can be made:


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