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Poppo Tenkaichi Street
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24hr convenience store branch
Tenkaichi Street
Yakuza 0
Yakuza Kiwami
Yakuza Kiwami 2

The Poppo Tenkaichi Street is one of the locations in Kamurocho.



There are a wide variety of magazines that are available to pick up in the magazine stand:

Name Description
Bessatsu Kindai Mahjong A mahjong magazine published by Takeshobo. Is there anyone bigger than the main character of "Aakagi"? I'm not su sure... But his strong luck makes me feel a little jealous.
Dengeki PlayStation A gaming magazine, focused solely on Playstation, published by MediaWorks. They're known for having in-depth walkthroughs. Their Dengeki 4-Koma is popular as well.
TVBros A bi-weekly TV magazine published by Tokyo News Service. Their articles have unique content and special features targeted at their savvy, loyal reader base.
WeeklySPA! A weekly tabloid for businessmen published by Fusosha. They're known for their enthusiastic projects, serialization, and even some articles aimed at younger people.
Weekly Famitsu A gaming magazine, covering information on various consoles. It's known for having an overwhelming amount of content, like "Cross Review" or "Famitsu Neighborhood Association."
Weekly Manga Goraku A weekly men's manga magazine, published by Nihon Bungeisha. The popular works of this magazine bring out the fiery spirt of men, such as "Minami no Teio" and Tenpai".
Weekly Shonen Champion A weekly manga magazine for boys, published by Akita Shoten. Home of "Baki: Son of Ogre", "Super Radical Gag Family", "Naba MGS" and "Sanagi-san" which are all serialized here.
Weekly Shonen Magazine A weekly magazine for boys, published by Kodansha. ever since its first publication in 1959, it has been the birthplace of many popular works.
Weekly Young Magazine A weekly manga magazine for boys, published by Kodansha. Many popular and brand new works are serialized here. There are also plenty of gorgeous gravure idol photos.
YOUNG KING A manga magazine for young men, pulished every other Monday by Shonen-gahosha. This magazine has amazing artists such as Leiji Matsumoto and George Akiyama. Home of "Hey! Riki".


Name Description Cost (¥)
AppStim Half Stimulates your digest tract, slightly lowering your Hunger Gauge. 3,000
Azuki Bar A best-selling popsicle that uses conventional ingredients to draw out the full flavor of its delicious azuki red beans. 356
Bean Paste Bun This piping hot bean paste bun will warm you up. 130
Bento Lunch Set This bento lunch will satisfy almost any appetite. 600
Bento Lunch Set (Pork) This tonkitsu lunch set is made with rich Satsuma pork. 780
Boss Black This canned coffee combines cold drip coffee with espresso shots to give it a rich coffee texture without tasting bitter. 115
Boss Rainbow Mountain This rich, canned coffee has an aromatic aftertaste which can only come from the luxury coffee bean, "Rainbow Mountain". 115
C.C. Lemon This 500 ml bottle of C.C. Lemon is a healthy carbonted drink with a refreshing aftertaste and 50 lemons worth of Vitamin C. 140
Chashu Ramen This ramen features fresh soy sauce broth and deliciously textured chashu pork. 180
Chicken Broth Pho Authentic pho with a delicious yet simple taste. It's low on calories and popular with women. 150
Club Sandwich This is your standard club sandwich with tomato, lettuce, and more. 500
Frankfurter An authentic German sausage, skewered on a stick for your convenience. 400
Imuraya Bean Paste Bun This is your standard club sandwich with tomato, lettuce, and more. 120
Imuraya Castella Delectable castella baked thoroughly on a wooden frame. Uses an amberlike syrup called "mochi kome ame" as well as a lot of eggs. 306
Imuraya Curry Bun A curry bun with a deep and exquisite spice that really brings out the textures of its ingredients. 120
Imuraya Pizza Bun A pizza bun containing three types of cheese and delicious tomato. 120
Imuraya Steamed Bun A widely loved staple. When you talk about great steamed buns, this is one. 120
Imuraya Yokan A carefully crafted hard jelly made with Hokkaido red bean. 72
Iyemon Chat (Green Tea) This 500 ml bottle of green tea is created with tea leaves selected by Kyoto's traditional tea house, Fukujuen, and bottled with mineral water. 140
Kakubin The most popular whisky in Japan. It has a sweet aroma and is thick on the palate, with a smooth, rich taste. 480
JAN JAN Sauce Yakisoba The stylish container says it all. Its sauce, with a whopping total of ten fruits and vegetables, is wholesome and irresistible. 180
Legendary Drinker of Ryukyu Turmeric and other natural ingredients make this supplement effective against hangovers. 200
Luxury Yakiniku Bento A luxurious yakiniku bento that lavishly lays on the kalbi. 1,000
Malt's This beer has a pleasant aftertaste and depth of flavor that only 100% barley malts can provide. 200
Milk This 500 ml carton contains whole milk that has been pasteurized at low temperatures to preserve its natural goodness. 130
Miso Ramen Miso and pork mixed with spicy vegetables make for a succulent soup in this miso ramen from the Super Cup 1.5 series. 180
Natchan Orange This 430 ml bottle of orange juice mixes two types of fruit juice to lessen the sourness and bitterness to make it easy to drink. 140
Oden A hearty stew packed with more than enough assorted goodies to satisfy your hunger. 500
Pocket Tissues A small pack of tissues perfect for when you're on the go. 20
Pork Katsu Sandwich A sandwich with soft, deep-fried pork fillets. 450
Pork Tonkatsu Bento This tonkatsu lunch set is made with rich Satsuma pork. 600
Sake This large bottle of sake can be enjoyed heated or chilled. 1,000
Sakkuru Biscuits These biscuits are a popular snack among young and old. 80
Salmon Onigiri This classic rice ball has a moist salmon flake filling. 120
Salmon Rice Ball This salmon rice ball is an old standard. 200
Salt Shaker A salt shaker that can be found in any household. It's designed so that salt can easily come out in just one shake. 350
Seaweed Onigiri Seaweed boiled in soy sauce is at the center of this rice ball. 120
Seaweed Rice Ball Seaweed boiled in soy sauce is in the center of this rice ball. 180
Shoyu Ramen This delicious shoyu ramen from the Super Cup series has broth made from chicken-based oil and spices. 180
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce A meaty spaghetti doused in savory tomato sauce. 800
Special Yakisoba Yakisoba with cabbage and pork. The smell of the sauce is mouth-watering. 400
Squid Yakisoba Tender, delicious yakisoba noodles are combined with tasty squid in this Super Cup series yakisoba. 180
Staminan Light Staminan Light has a milder effect and cheaper price. 800
Staminan X Staminan X charges up your health and Heat a little. 1,200
Steamed Bun This freshly steamed bun is piping hot and delicious. 130
Suntory Mineral Water (S. Alps) This 550 ml bottle of natural mineral water gathered from Mount Kaikoma has a sharp taste. 130
Suntory Oolong Tea This 500 ml bottle of oolong tea is famous for its thick, rich flavor and light aftertaste. (115) 140
Super Cup Extra Large Squid Yakisoba This unique yakisoba blends a variety of sauces with both pork and fish broth. As a result, its multi-faceted flavor is sour, rich, and delectable. 200
Super Cup Soy Sauce Chicken Broth This cup ramen combines firm noodles and a hearty, comforting soy sauce broth with savory pork chash. It's an instant noodle fit for a king! 200
Sushi Set Carefully selected nigiri style sushi packed neatly into a box. Definitely worth the price. 3,500
Sweet Potato Shochu A sweet potato shochu that succeeds in bringing out the flavors of its ingredients. 1,800
Tauriner Tauriner charges up your Heat a little. 250
The Premium Malt's This beer has a pleasant aftertaste and depth of flavor that only pure barley malts provide. 249
Tonkotsu Ramen This delicious tonkotsu ramen from the Super Cup series is full of pork fat and a rich, pork-infused soup. 180
Toughness Light Toughness Light has a milder effect and cheaper price. 500
Toughness Z Toughness Z comes in handy when you need a little health boost. 650
Tuna & Egg Sandwich This sandwich features and egg-mayo mix with tuna on white bread. 280
Tuna Onigiri This sandwich features and egg-mayo mix with tuna on white bread. 120
Tuna Rice Ball This rice ball has tuna dressed with mayonnaise in the middle. 190
Turmeric Tablets Tablets that ease hangovers and help you sober up. 1,000
Vitamin Water This 500 ml bottle of vitamin enhanced water has 1,000 mg of vitamin C and a light, sweet taste of refreshing lemon. 140
Wakame Ramen This pleasant ramen is filled with delicious seafood, fluffy wakame, deep roasted sesame, bamboo shoots, and corn. 180
Wonton Harusame These smooth glass noodles are specifically made for this particular soup, which is comprised of both mung bean starch and potato starch. 150


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