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M Store Shofukucho
M Store Shofukucho.jpg
Nationwide convenience store
Shofukucho West
Yakuza 0

M Store Shofukucho is one of the locations in Sotenbori.


There are a wide variety of magazines that are available to pick up in the magazine stand:

Name Description
Bessatsu Kindai Mahjong Takeshobo's magazine dedicated to manga about mahjong. It would sure be something to play mahjong with someone like the heroes of the "Naki no Ryu" series some day.
Famicom Tsushin A magazine about games for all sorts of hardware. It's full of information about upcoming games and top developers, as well as popular columns, previews, and video game reviews.
Friday A gossip and photo magazine published every Friday by Kodansha. It's full of the most recent political scandals and the latest love affairs of trendsetting celebrities.
Hot Dog Press Kodansha's magazine for men, packed with practical advice articles about men's fashion and lifestyle. It's especially popular among fashionable, younger men.
Monthly Shonen Champion A monthly boys' manga magazine published by Akita Shoten. It's got poplar series like "Osu! Ganba," "Victory Run!"and "Miracle Lingerie." That last one sounds... unique.
Shonen King Shonen Gahosha's manga magazine for boys. "Pelican Road" and "Locke the Superman" are two of the currently popular series in this biweekly comic collection.
TV Bros. A biweekly TV guide published by the Tokyo News Service. It is popular for its articles, such as in-depth features for avid fans, plus up-to-date programming schedules.
Weekly Shonen Champion A weekly boys' manga magazine published by Akita Shoten. It features manga series like "4P Tanaka-kun," "Kaze no Field," "Let's Dachiko," "MAP,"and even "Honki!"
Weekly Shonen Magazine It's a weekly boy's manga magazine published by Kodansha. Ever since it first issue came out in 1959, it's always featured some pretty great comic series.
Weekly Spa! Fusoha's weekly magazine targeted at white-collar workers. It appeals to young men with its ambitious features and its series of topical articles.
Weekly Young Magazine It's a weekly young men's manga magazine published by Kodansha. It features many popular comic series as well as some tantalizing pin-p pages.
WHAT's IN? A monthly music magazine published by M-ON! Entertainment with features about J-Pop bands like TM NETWORK, reports from concerts, and other updates from the music scene.
Young Champion A young men's manga magazine published by Akita Shoten. Currently serializing "JINGI," "Sotsugyo: Saigo no Sailor Fukk" and, of course,"Toritsu Horohoro Nogyo Koko."
Young King Shonen Gahosha's manga magazine for young men, featuring talented artists like Leiji Matsumoto and George Akiyama. Currently serializing "Bad Boys," a biker gang comic.


Name Description Cost (¥)
Bean Paste Bun This piping hot bean paste bun will warm you up. 130
Chashu Ramen Enjoy our ramen topped with a generous portion of juicy roast pork sliced thin. 180
Club Sandwich This is your standard club sandwich with tomato, lettuce, and more. 250
Kakubin Kakubin Japanese whisky. 480
Legendary Drinker of Ryukyu Turmeric and other natural ingredients make this supplement effective against hangovers. 200
Malt's This beer has a pleasant aftertaste and depth of flavor that only 100% barley malts can provide. 200
Mandarin Orange A tangy and sweet mandarin rich in vitamin C. 100
Milk This 500 ml carton contains whole milk that has been pasteurized at low temperatures to preserve its natural goodness. 130
Miso Ramen Miso and pork mixed with spicy vegetables make for a succulent soup in this miso ramen from the Super Cup 1.5 series. 180
Oden Soup There is more than enough of this piping hot oden assortment to satisfy your hunger. Perfect for a cold winter evening. 420
Pocket Tissues You never know when these tissues might come in handy. 20
Sakkuru Biscuits These biscuits are a popular snack among young and old. 80
Salmon Rice Ball This salmon rice ball is an old standard. 200
Seaweed Rice Ball Seaweed boiled in soy sauce is in the center of this rice ball. 180
Special Yakisoba Yakisoba with cabbage and pork. The smell of the sauce is mouth-watering. 460
Squid Yakisoba Tender, delicious yakisoba noodles are combined with tasty squid in this Super Cup series yakisoba. 180
Staminan X Staminan X charges up your health and Heat a little. 1,200
Steamed Bun This freshly steamed bu is piping hot and delicious. 130
Suntory Oolong Tea This 500 ml bottle of oolong tea is famous for its thick, rich flavor and light aftertaste. 115
Sweet Potato Shochu A sweet potato shochu that succeeds in bringing out the flavors of its ingredients. 1,800
Tauriner Tauriner charges up your Heat a little. 250
Toughness Z Toughness Z comes in handy when you need a little health boost. 650
Tuna & Egg Sandwich This sandwich features and egg-mayo mix with tuna on white bread. 230
Tuna Rice Ball This rice ball has tuna dressed with mayonnaise in the middle. 190


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