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Gindaco Highball Tavern
Gindaco Highball Tavern.jpg
Corner of Taihei Boulevard and Tenkaichi Street
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Gindaco Highball Tavern is one of the locations in Kamurocho. It is located on the corner of Taihei Boulevard and Tenkaichi Street.


Name Description Cost (¥)
Absolutely Tasty!! Takoyaki This Gindaco favorite is crispy on the outside, but nestled inside is a firm, juicy nugget of octopus amid gooey goodness. 310
Avocado and Yuzu Pepper This dish combines the spicy goodness of yuzu pepper with a hit of wasabi. 430
Avocado with Yuzu Wasabi Sauce A takoyaki where you can enjoy the various flavors with the yuzu and wasabi sauce on the rich avocado. 450
Blood Orange Highball The tangy citrus taste of blood orange goes perfectly well with this sparking, zesty highball. 460
Cheese and Spicy Fish Roe This takoyaki is topped with melted cheese and our special spicy fish roe mayo. It's our number-one dish among the ladies. 370
Cucumber Pot Gindaco Highball's No. 1 side dish that goes really well with alcohol. 290
Delicious Cheese Pepper An extravagant takoyaki topped with bacon and cheese, giving it a premium delicious taste. 450
Fresh Cassis and Orange A refreshing cocktail full of fresh fruit. 530
Fresh Grapefruit Juice Highball Made with plenty of fresh-squeezed fruit juice, this highball has fresh written all over it. 460
Jim Beam Highball A crisp highball with a classic Jim Beam taste. 360
Malt's the Draft This beer tastes incredible and goes down smooth. 480
Negi Tako Takoyaki straight off the grill, served with crisp Welsh onion and tempura dipping sauce. It's been popular for quite a while. 350
Octopus and Avocado with Yuzu Pepper Combines the spicy goodness of yuzu pepper with a hit of wasabi. 420
Oolong Tea Enjoy it with a serving of takoyaki. 200
Sauce Yakisoba Special extra-thick noodles with thick-sliced pork and plenty of bean sprouts are combined with a rich sauce. 600
Sour Cream Fries Take french fries to the next level with a dollop of fresh and cool sour cream. 440
Spicy Deep-fried Octupus Plump, deep-fried octopus covered with spicy cayenne pepper and Japanese pepper. 420
Teriyaki and Egg Topped with teriyaki sauce and fresh egg salad, this takoyaki has a rich flavor and enough substance to satisfy any hunger. 370
The Kaku Highball This icy cold highball goes perfectly with takoyaki. 360
The Premium Malt's Draft A premium beer that is manufactured to accent the hops and wort for an extravgant flavor. 470
Welsh Onion Takoyaki This popular takoyaki is served with a special bonito-flavor sauce and grated daikon. 370
Yamazaki Highball Enjoy the moment with the full-bodied flavor of this exceptional highball. 600

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