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Fuji Soba
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The place for soba noodles.
Nakamichi Street
Yakuza 0
Yakuza Kiwami 2
Yakuza 6

Fuji Soba is one of the locations in the Yakuza (series).


Name Description Cost (¥)
Chilled Kitsune Soba Freshly cooked soba noodles topped with chilled sauce and house made fried tofu cut into easy-to-cut pieces. 380
Chilled Soba Delicious soba noodles rinsed in water after cooking to stop them becoming too soft, served with our special dipping sauce. 290
Chilled Tanuki Soba Freshly cooked soba noodles topped with chilled sauce and bits of fried tempura batter. This is a firm favorite among patrons. 380
Curry & Rice Mild curry and rice. The curry is made with the house's special roux and sauce, and is perfect for those who don't like too much spice. 430
Egg & Tempura Soup Hot soba noodles served with soft-boiled egg and vegetable tempura. This dish is a perennial favorite. 460
Fried Pork Cutlet Bowl This classic dish features a thick, crunchy pork cutlet topped with sauce and lightly cooked egg. It is made to order for maximum freshness. 480
Hot Soba This freshly boiled soba with piping-hot soup is a standard dish of the restaurant. 300
Pickled Ginger Soba Hot soba noodles served with tempura containing copious amounts of red pickled ginger for a pleasant meal that warms the soul. 400
Soba in Hot Broth This house classic features freshly-boiled soba noodles served in a piping hot homemade soup. 290
Special Fuji Soba Hot soba noodles topped with a lavish amount of fried tempura batter and fried tofu, along with soft-boiled egg and "kamaboko" fish cake. 420
Yuzu Chicken & Spinach Soba A vibrant dish of hot soba noodles topped with spinach and pieces of steamed chicken, accented with the subtle fragrance of yuzu. 400

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