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Ebisu Pawn Sotenbori
Ebisu Pawn Sotenbori.jpg
Shofukucho East
Yakuza 0
Yakuza Kiwami 2

Ebisu Pawn Sotenbori is one of the locations in Sotenbori. It is located on Shofukucho East.


Name Description Cost (¥)
AppStim Half Stimulates your digest tract, slightly lowering your Hunger Gauge. 3,000
Black Belt Maybe this belt will help put some extra force behind your throws. 260,000
Body Armor A special vest designed to reduce damage from blades. 4,000
Bulletproof Vest A special vest designed to reduce gunshot damage. 4,000
Butcher Knife A long and very sharp knife for cutting meat. Simple, useful, and cheap to produce. 40,000
Chain This fine chain is made of metal. 3,000
Chain Mail Sturdy chain mail that fits the fighter's form. Increases blade resistance. 35,000
Charismatic Photo Somehow makes enemies more likely to confront you. Gets you every time. 600,000
Crutch If your family won't support you when you get injured, at least this crutch will. 60,000
Electric Pot An electric pot used to boil water. 6,800
Fireproof Shirt This shirt lacks defense, but provides resistance to fire. 4,000
Grinding Stone This can be used to polish metal and stone. 400
Indian Cotton Cloth This cloth is made from high quality Indian cotton 1,200
Insulated Shirt This shirt lacks defense, but provides resistance to electrical shocks. It also raises your financial luck slightly. 24,000
Iron This is just ordinary iron. 500
Iron Club A steel-shaft golf club. Its newly redesigned head helps prevent slices. 40,000
Iron Pipe This pipe is surprisingly light and easy to wield. 25,000
Leather Jacket A sturdy and stylish leather jacket. 4,000
Linen Cloth This cloth is made from the fibers of the flax plant. 600
Metal Bat Be careful where you swing this bat around. 22,000
Military-grade Bulletproof Vest A special vest made with top-of-the-line materials. Increases gun resistance. 35,000
Morning Tempest Katana A ferocious sword said to scatter lives like cherry blossom petals. Considered a national treasure. 3,000,000
Plastic This commonplace material is made from petroleum. 600
Pliers Pliers used for handcuffs... such as pulling out nails and teeth. 1,600
Quality Iron This high quality iron is rigid and resistant to rust. 4,000
Rusted Chain Mail Rusty old chain mail from a bygone era. It still works well enough to increase blade resistance. 4,000
Secret Wallet This wallet is a great place to stash cash when you get shaken down. 320,000
Sengoku Armor Hails all the way back from the Sengoku period. Even more antiquated than the Rusted Chain Mail. 35,000
Staminan X Staminan X charges up your health and Heat a little. 1,200
Staminan XX Staminan XX charges up your health and Heat significantly. 3,000-3,400
Tauriner + Tauriner + charges up your Heat significantly. 5,000
Toughness ZZ Restores your health quite a bit. 3,000
Wooden Katana This wooden sword is used for kendo practice. 24,000


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