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Beam is one of the locations in the Yakuza (series). At Beam, they sell adult DVDs and also have a secret backroom. In the secret backroom, they sell weapons and other items. The code to getting into the backroom is asking for the DVD "Housewives in Bind."


Name Description Cost (¥)
9mm Automatic Pistol This is a gun in common circulation among denizens of the underworld. 50,000
Assassin's Spear As the name says, this is a weapon used by assassins. It features a sinister-looking blade. 36,000
Baiken This sickle and chain weapon bears the name of a legendary master, and they boast power and unpredictability to match. 990,000
Ballbuster Apparently this doesn't do much damage, but it can really send people flying. 90,000
Binding This cloth binding can be wrapped around your waist to protect against minor attacks. 2,000
Blackjack This blunt weapon designed for self-defense might not work so well in a real fight. 4,300
Broken M1985 This is your standard shotgun. 130,000
Butterfly Knife This folding knife lacks offensive potential, but is very portable. 2,300
Collapsible Steel Staff This steel staff is designed to be concealable on your person. 150,000
Chinese Broadsword This traditional Chinese weapon is lighter than it looks and surprisingly easy to wield. 80,000
Dagger This brand-new dagger doesn't have a single notch on it and looks easy to wield. 32,000
Destroyer of Lands The most powerful cannon available, the Destroyer of Lands has the firepower to send foes flying. 820,000
Double Action Revolver This genuine revolver was created by a master gunsmith. 150,000
Double Slats While they're not actually weapons, they can be used as kali sticks to bust heads nicely. 420
Drow-Z 55 This is simply a tranquilizer gun with a catchy name. 55,000
Dynamite Nunchaku These nunchaku are the culmination of a daring idea to link two sticks of dynamite together. 500,000
EXPULSION S-12 This shotgun can hold a remarkable number of rounds. 880,000
Fighter's Binding This binding gets your adrenaline pumping in a fight, and grants resistance to bladed weapons. 100,000
Fireproof Shirt This shirt lacks defense, but provides resistance to fire. 5,000
Fur Belly Warmer It is said the wearer will revert to a wild, feral state. 450,000
Goemon This blade was once used by a legendary outlaw. It apparently makes it easier to shake down opponents for money. 1,000,000
Headgear Wear this to keep from getting staggered by an attack. 40,0000
High-Tech Shin Guards These reinforced shin guards make you immune to leg sweep attacks. 25,0000
Hyper Stun Gun This modified stun gun is more powerful than the standard variety. 42,000
Insulated Shirt This shirt lacks defense, but provides resistance to electrical shocks. It also raises your financial luck slightly. 5,0000
Makoto Surcoat An antique surcoat with the Chinese character for Makoto (sincerity) on the back. It enhances defense against guns and bladed weapons. 999,000
Metal Jacket This metal reinforced jacket is extremely heavy, and protects against fire. 3 2,000
Military Jacket This high performance jacket protects against bullets, and slows down the wear and tear on weapons. 440,000
MJM56-55 Exorcist This shotgun packs enough force to take out even the strongest zombies. 1,555,500
Modified Deluxe Lighter This rare weapon is like a pocket flamethrower in a stylist little package. 50,0000
Modified Lighter This lighter works like a handy little flamethrower. 1,800
Modified Police Baton This modified police baton has a stun gun built into it. 830,000
Mr. Random Its bullets have different effects. The downside is you don't know what they are until you shoot. 1,234,867
Photon Blade Prototype This blade emits a strange light and seems to incorporate technology beyond your understanding. 198,000
Police Baton This police baton is compact for ease of portability. It's guaranteed to deliver some serious pain. 180,000
Sickle Nunchaku Those without the skill to wield these sickle-mounted nunchaku are likely to end up hurting themselves. 440,000
Smoke Gun This used to fire smoke cartridges, but some sort of modification now allows it to fire rounds that cause small explosions. 250,000
SPARK 15000V Modified high-voltage batteries make it possible to run super high-voltage electricity through these nunchaku. 200,000
Spiked Bat This powerful bat is studded with spikes that leave puncture wounds in those you hit. 24,000
Steel Mail This steel chain mail is effective against bladed weapons. 400,000
Superalloy Bat This bat made of superalloy is sturdy enough to protect you against even bullets. 100,000
Superalloy Pipe A pipe made from an extremely strong alloy often used when making aircraft frames. 90,000
Super Spicy Knife The blade of this knife contains bits of chili pepper that deliver a burning sensation to those it stabs. 50,000
Tiger's Bane A gun said to have enough stopping force to fell a tiger in one shot. 1,000,0000
Twin Dragon Sticks These rare kali sticks emit a mysterious aura. Only a true master can use them. 540,000
Wooden Kali Sticks Start off with these basic kali sticks if you want to learn how to use this weapon. 2,500
Wooden Nunchaku These are your typical nunchaku made of wood. 500


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