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Bantam is one of the locations in the Yakuza (series). When you go to Bantam for the first time, Majima is bartending and tells you how he use to be the "Lord of the Night."


Name Description Cost (¥)
Yamazaki 25 Years One of Japan's famous whiskys. This 25-year-old whisky is a limited edition and we made to celebrate Suntory's centennial anniversary. So it's very difficult to come by. The taste is worth the price. Accented with the subtle flavor of the sherry barrel, it has a bitter sweet taste that lingers on your tongue. One sip is enough to lift your spirits. 5,500
Yamazaki 12 Years This is a very fine whisky. This whisky made its debut in 1984 as the first Japanese pure malt whisky. It was made to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Yamazaki distillery, where the first Japanese whisky was created. You can say that this represents Yamazaki. As for the taste, it has a mellow yet powerful characteristic of Yamazaki. It has earned quite reputation overseas as well as domestically. 1,000
The Macallan 25 Years Would you like to hear about the Macallan 25 Years? I'll tell you upfront, this stuff isn't cheap, but it's worth every yen. As you may know, some of the world's Scotch critics has given this Scotch perfect ratings. The name comes from Galeic, "Columba" of "Saint Columba's Hill". The name eventually changed into "Macallan". 4,500
The Macallan 12 Years This is a standard grade for the Macallan. The alcohol content was changed from 43% Alc./Vol. to 40% Alc./Vol. last year. Even though it's the standard grade for the Macallan, it is still of a high quality. This luxurious Scotch has a wonderful taste. It has a sweet honey like flavor and a comfortable aftertaste. This is the kind of single malt Scotch that sets the standard. 1,000
Hibiki 30 Years Old This whisky received 1st place in the World Spirit Competition. The Japanese whisky has won acclaim the world over. Blended mainly with Yamazaki white oak barrel 32 years old. It has a thick taste and is rich in flavor. Since only 2000 bottles are manufactured every year, it's hard to come by. 5,500
Ballantine's 30 Years Old It's the world's finest blended Scotch. 32 kinds of raw malts and 5 kinds of raw grains are used and all of them are matured for more than 30 years. It's soft on the tongue, but the flavor lingers. If you like Scotch, then this is a must drink. 3,500
Ballantine's 17 Years Old It's a top notch blended Scotch with 40 kinds of single malts incorporated in it. It is referred as "The Scotch", and is favored world wide. It's a notable Scotch that can truly be called the ultimate blend. 1,000
Jack Daniel's Your standard American whisky. Same recipe as the old days. Jack Daniel's actually a type of Tennessee whisky. So it's in a different class than bourbon. 700
Early Times A world renown bourbon. It has the unique American edge and a gorgeous flavor. It's very reasonably priced and quite enjoyable. 700
Suntory Brandy Imperial Made from carefully selected grapes and distilled into cognac. This high quality brandy is good on-the-rocks, but recommended to drink it straight. Enjoy the robust aged grape flavor and the luscious aroma. 3,000
Courvoisier XO This cognac brandy is called "Napoleon", because it was much beloved by Napoleon himself. XO is one of the most expensive Courvoisiers. It is very rich in flavor but has soft, pleasant taste. It is highly recommended. 1,500
The Premium Malt's Luxury beer made from high quality materials. This is made with European aroma hops with 1.2 times the amount of malts used in regular beer. This beer has a subtle charm to it. Highly recommended. 600
Carlsberg Originally created in Denmark, it is savored in over 140 countries worldwide. It has a fresh flavor, which is characteristics of daft beers. It's a very-easy-to-drink beer 600
Beefeater One of the world's popular brands of gin. It goes great in a martini. Most bars in town use Beefeater. They say that the distilling method is a well-kept secret. 700
SKYY Vodka One of the famous Vodkas. It is distilled four times under a controlled temperature and filtered three times. This is a very smooth vodka. Also, the bottle design is very fashionable. 700


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